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EAM Consulting, LLC


Spring Green, Wisconsin USA

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Established in 2009, Founding Member of the Humic Products Trade Association (2010), developing products based on geo-micro-biological plant/soil interactions.

Work primarily with manufactures who desire to develop or improve humic products, by;
– Characterizing effective surface chemistry and geobiochemistry of natural raw materials
– Applying the appropriate analytical protocols for the analysis of humic acids and hydrophobic fulvic acids
– Using natural materials to stabilize products
– Assisting in developing labels for regulatory compliance

Accomplishments include;
– Technical advisor to the Humic Products Trade Association
– developing regulatory standards as a Liaison to the Association of Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO)
– Developing and validating analytical standards through AOAC International
– Developed international analytical standards as an organic chemistry expert on ISO Technical – Committee TC-134, International Organization for Standardization

Lawrence Mayhew, Owner
Business Phone: 608.583.3095