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Carbon OxyTech Inc.

HPTA Member Carbon OxyTech

An HPTA member since 2021

3655 36 St. NW
Calgary, AB T2L 1Y8

Business Form: Manufacturer, Distributor, Mine, Processor and Consultant

Markets Served: Agriculture, Mining Reclamation, Animal feed, Oil Industry, Remediation, Retail Lawn & Garden and Turf & Ornamental

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Description of Company:
Carbon OxyTech’s goal is to provide the most innovative and green technology for producing high quality and yield of humic acids and enhance its benefits to the soil.

This new technology uses domestic residual feedstock and low-ranked coal lignite to produce value-added products, containing humic acids. The importance of our technology is not only the lower temperature but also zero direct emissions of CO2 and waste by-products. This technology will advance the utilization and maximize the value of the feedstock and significantly reduce environmental impacts.

Liquid Humic Acid
Solid Humic Acid
Potassium Humate Solution
Nitro Humate Solution

Abdallah Manasrah, CEO and Co-founder
Mobile: 403.561.2264

Nashaat Nassar, Co-founder
Mobile: 403.408.9510