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Bio Huma Netics, Inc.


Location: 1331 W. Houston Ave., Gilbert, AZ 85233
Business Form: Wholesaler, Mine, Manufacturer
Markets Served: Agriculture, Turf & Ornamental, Wastewater Treatment
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Description of Company:
In 1973, Dr. Jordan Smith and Mr. Don Organ made the first agricultural application of a unique humate material from a mine in the northwestern U.S. This material, rich in organic acids and minerals, increased the mineral content of plants and accelerated nutrient uptake. By 1981 they had developed a proprietary technology to extract organic acids, soluble materials and other beneficial organic components from this unique material. This extract contains Bio Huma Netics’ Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) and is the foundation ingredient of all Huma Gro®, Huma Gro®Turf, and Probiotic Solutions® products. MCT is combined with other beneficial components to create over 70 products the company produces to improve soils, plant nutrition, and water treatment. Bio Huma Netics sells these products in the U.S. and internationally.

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Business Phone: 480.961.1220