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Mark Turner

Position: HPTA At Large Member
Company: The Catalyst Product Group

Mark grew up working on the family farm as a third-generation cotton farmer in Arizona. As a young 16-year-old, he was forced into the farm foreman position on their 4,000 acre farm by his father due to employee problems with the other foreman. He learned to work with people much older than himself, and barely spoke their language. After attending Yavapai junior college in Prescott Arizona, he transferred to the University of Arizona to majored in Agronomy.

He spent 2 years with Valley National Bank of AZ, as a crop and cattle inspector for the Ag loan department and traveled across 14 different states evaluating crops and cattle operations. Because of Mark’s farming background, became instrumental in helping write policy that was put into effect to help farmers.

In 1990 he started in the humate business as a broker. In 1993 Mark started “The Catalyst Product Group (TCPG)”. TCPG is licensed and registered in 12 different states as a manufacture of organic fertilizers. TCPG now has 2 manufacturing plants, one in Arizona (headquarters), Idaho, and a warehouse in California.

Contact Information:
480.814.8318 | office