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David Chinn

Position: HPTA At Large Member
Company: Monty's Plant Food Co.

David has led Monty’s Plant Food Co.’s Corporate Compliance for 10 years. Monty’s manufactures fertility and soil amendment products, many of which are humic based. He oversees regulatory matters and represents it at a variety of agriculture associations and governmental agencies, including a 10 year involvement with AAPFCO. Prior to joining Monty’s, David practiced general business law in Louisville, Kentucky for over 20 years. As an HPTA Director, he spearheaded the work on our recent by-law changes, is shepherding our humic substances definition change through AAPFCO and has recently undertaken representing HPTA in the USDA Biostimulant Workgroup alongside two biostimulant trade organizations, USDA, FDA, EPA, and state fertilizer and pesticide regulator organizations.

Contact Information:
502.489.9888 (x 6405) | office