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11th Apr


First Meeting of Humic Products Trade Association

On May 8th 2010 13 manufactures and marketers of humic substances meet in Chicago Illinois to discuss forming a Trade Association.

The first meeting was to establish a purpose for the group and a leadership board.

The purpose of the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) is to promote the commercial uses of humic products thru scientific cooperation, advocacy and addressing regulatory issues.

The leadership board was voted on by the thirteen members present:

President – Lawrence Mayhew of Eco Ag Minerals
VP – John Lown of Earth Green Products
Secretary/Treasurer – Steve Azzarello of Amcol
At Large – Cherie Harms of Leonardite Products
At Large – Russell Taylor of Live Earth Products, Inc.
Scientific Advisor – Dr. Dan Olk USDA-ARS

The Trade group is planning one more meeting to finalize bylaws and would like to invite all manufactures and marketers of humic products to be a part of this diverse group.

Steve Azzarello commented after the meeting, “I was completely blown away by the intellectual power of the members that attended the meeting, there were some seriously smart people in the room. Moreover, I was very excited by the cooperative nature of everyone.”

Dr. Damon S. Walia of Actech Inc, who has studied humic substances for over 20 years, summed up the spirit of the meeting best with his comment, “humic substance are a gift from our creator and it is our duty to show the world how they will improve our environment and our lives.”

If you are interested in joining this group our would like more information please send you contact information to Steve Azzarello.

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