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How to Join

Thank you for your interest in joining the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA). To begin, please click the "Join Now" button to access the Membership Application Form.


Humic substances are versatile forms of natural organic matter used globally in agriculture, livestock feeds, pet foods, environmental applications and human health. The purpose of the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) is to advance the commercial uses of humic products through scientific and regulatory cooperation.

HPTA encourages scientists who support the advancement of humic products to join the association as well as industry leaders who desire to demonstrate their professional and ethical dedication to their clients. Members have access to education and training, networking opportunities, and as scientific literature database for improving their knowledge of humic substances.

Members play a key role in establishing HPTA standards, enabling the association to approach the regulatory communities for product approval. HPTA is currently cooperating with the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) on establishing a standardized method for analyzing humic and fulvic acids. Developing a standardized analysis is the first step in attaining approval from State and Federal Regulators.