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Policy & Regulatory: Your voice matters on this important industry issue:

In a recent meeting, the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) made official definitions for humic substances and approved a standardized test for analyzing humic and fulvic acids.  That is the first step in broader regulatory change.  The next step is implementing these definitions and test methods at the local and state levels.  HPTA is encouraging you to take a few minutes to contact your local officials, asking that the implementation of these definitions and testing be made a priority.

The Humic Products Trade Association knows how critical it is to your business for these new policies to be implemented.  Consistent definitions and test methods will encourage fair competition for humic and fulvic acid based products while reducing consumer confusion regarding product labeling.

To help you get this message out, we have provided a link to the local contacts and a form letter template that can be used to draft a letter from your company.   Feel free to “cut & paste” the content of the letter onto your company’s letterhead and address it to the local officials in your area.



AAPFCO Form Letter_Apr 2016

Humic & Fulvic Acids – Standardized Test Method Information


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